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    My wife, Ann, and I play Minecraft and she’s working on getting all the Lego sets. She has all but a few of the recent ones that came out this year. Below is a pic of just what she has built so far. Now she wants to figure out how to join them together into one big cohesive scene.

    She’ll need at least two levels because some are above ground like the farm and some are obviously below ground like the dungeon. Putting just baseplates as the second floor would be flimsy; perhaps the baseplate-brick-baseplate sandwich would be good.

    Any suggestions? Any special considerations for what will likely be a big build? Modular design, etc?

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    Baseplates can be used to support an upper level so long as there is sufficient support below. You generally need to support along the fours sides and, either (i) also support the middle or (ii) cover the baseplate in enough brick or plate to increase its rigidity to the point where it can bear whatever load you place on it without flexing.

    Here is an example where I used baseplates to support the houses on the hill using Duplo and regular bricks underneath for support:

    I also did the same thing to support the floor of my Santa Building (there are four 32×32 baseplates making up the floor upon which the globe sits):

    And most of the cubes in the Dig Into Reading display from a few years back also used supported baseplates:

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    Benjamin C Good

    I don’t know that I have any suggestions but I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    I have seen builds at conventions where they’ve used baseplates for water so they could build above and below, if I happen across any pics I’ll pass them along here, although as I remember, they may have involved non-Lego solutions for support.

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    Thanks for the advice, links and information; I’ll pass this on to her. 🙂

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