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    Rich Millich
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    I’ve committed to a build schedule for the entirety of next year. Since I have waaaaay too many projects in my head, it’s time to select them and get to it with a regular schedule of things I really want to build. So here goes:

    December 2017 – January 2018
    * S.W. Randall’s display. That’s it. It’s going to take up all my time just to keep this event organized and build for the big finish in January.
    * Build some cool Nexo Knights type buildings and vehicles for Phase 5 of the SWR display with a callback to previous phases of the build where possible.
    * During this time, break out and build the remaining Nexo Knights sets I still have in the box.

    February 2018
    * Build a Sparrow based on @arcadiumsol‘s excellent design. Learn the combination of tight Technic-System combination superstructure techniques from this build, including his “kid-proof” connection techniques and exterior and how to build better weight bearing landing gear.

    March – September 2018
    * Redesign and rebuild all five G-Fighter starfighters.
    * Make the fuselages more consistent and with consistent ports to be refueled.
    * Design an overhead claw type gantry.
    * Make these fighters strong enough structurally and light enough within to be held by that claw-type gantry.
    * Design a large, brick built Project G display sign for future displays of the G-Fighters.
    Knowledge from and suggestions from @arcadiumsol and you other LUGgers will pay off big here all year long. If I complete one per month, I’ll be golden. I expect delays and difficult design executions. And needed brick.
    * If I have time, for fun, build the Saturn V which will remain in box until then.

    October 2018
    * Design and build the Monorail Vic Viper with @randomdan.
    * Refine the M-Tron Vic (with henries!) with @randomdan.
    * Refine the Tigershark Vic and build the single baseplate diorama around it.

    NNoVVember 2018
    * Enter the NNoVVember event on flickr. I believe this is the 10th Anniversary of NNoVVember, so I’ll have at least six Vics to feature.
    * Organize a “Design, Build, Fly” type contest for the end of NNoVVember where I will build a short, proof of concept space shooter video game surrounding one LEGO MOC entered into the contest.
    * This means I will not be organizing S.W. Randall’s next year.

    December 2018
    * Begin building my dream MOC, featuring the new FS-38/G Paladin, based on this scene, lighting and all:
    Gradius III Intro Remake

    And that’s my ambitious plan for building this and next year!

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    Greg Schubert
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    That’s an ambitious schedule. Its good to have goals!

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    Matt Redfield
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    Shew. I’m basically just hoping to not end up in the insane asylum because of LUGBulk… if I build something in 2018, it’ll be a bonus!

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    Sir Dan Walker of the Block
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    Gonna be busy!

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