Thanks for checking out the website of the Pittsburgh LEGO User Group, Steel City LUG! We’re a bunch of Western Pennsylvanian adults who love LEGO bricks!

What is a LUG?LUG stands for LEGO User Group. AFOLs get together for collaborative builds, public displays, teaching classes to kids, or just getting together as a group to talk about all the different facets of hobbies that surround LEGO products!

Wait a minute…What’s an AFOL? – An Adult Fan of LEGO is just that! We each may or may not have gone through a “dark period” from our childhood building, but we’ve emerged with a new appreciation for the sets, the art, the communities, and everything in between!

All are welcome to join the discussion forums! Just register and introduce yourself!

Have a specific question or want to get in touch with us? Send us an email!