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    Hey guys! I’d like to quickly start by thanking you for any help you may give and for taking a look at this post.

    Anyway, now to the reason I’m posting (and why I joined the forum in the first place). I was referred to here by Lego after I sent them the following email requesting help with a project I started.

    The email:
    Hello, I recently uncovered an old Lego vehicle that I’ve been attempting to fix. It is a vintage locomotive/caterpillar-tracked vehicle that runs on a 4-volt Bühler DC motor. During my analysis and testing of the vehicle’s abilities, I came across a large one that I hope that you can shed some insight on. The issue is that while testing outside the motor compartment showed that the motor can spin in both directions, it will only work in one direction once affixed tothe gears. I’d love if you could help me figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it (ex. Is the gear on the motor need adjusted, doe the gears on the chassis need lubricated, is a gear out of alignment and just not turning). Any and all help will be appreciated.

    The person at Lego referred me to you guys in an email saying that you might be able to help me.

    As my email said. I recently uncovered an old Lego vehicle that is run by a Bühler 4-volt motor.(Pics: Some tests on it revealed that it had some issues. Namely, its power supply was missing and when I rigged a battery to it for stationary tests, the motor only turned in one direction. Once I removed the motor from its mounts and did some other testing, the motor turned in both directions (each test only lasted a few seconds as the motor moved as it spun). I’m currently trying to figure out why the motor can’t turn the wheels whilst mounted and in reverse. If you have any idea as to identify what part is causing the problem or how to fix it, contact me on this thread.

    Thanks again!

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    Update: further testing showed that my wiring was wrong! It works!

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    Matt Redfield

    Glad you figured it out; someone in the group might’ve been able to help, but it probably wouldn’t have been me… 😉

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    I’ll probably still need some help figuring things out. I want to convert the vehicle into a locomotive and am still working on the power source.

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    Nick Chen

    Got any photos?21

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    Tom Frost

    There were several train sets released by Lego using that motor


    The power source was 3 “C” batteries.

    battery box
    battery box train wagon

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