• >> Solutions would be wait and see if they update or find a new plugin.

    That’s way more technical than anything I could have figured out. I did notice before you made this post that Adobe was telling me they had a new update I needed to download; normally I’m not in any hurry on these, but I thought maybe the reason we were all getting the black…[Read more]

  • I’ve found that if I resize (using Photoshop) my pics to 1200 pixels wide, I can attach three per post here and the website doesn’t complain. Anything bigger than 2000 wide and I run into difficulty in a big hurry, so I’ve been doing it this way for a long time.

  • Well, that sounds like you’re still more knowledgeable than most of us on how it works, do you know why the photostream on the home page is black? Cause I definitely don’t know how that stuff works. It’s not the first time this has happened, I never know how it gets fixed or who does it.

  • >> It looks like the LUG is going through its own dark period.

    Sean supposedly has been messing with the website, I don’t know if he knows anything about it or not, or how to fix it. @arcadiumsol

  • >> But i could use all the help in the world.

    The most important question, of course, is whether or not your mom is going to tell us lots of embarrassing stories about you. Cause I am so there.

    But the first thing you want to do is decide on a date. So I’d talk to them first about what they have in mind and then post options here. Also find…[Read more]

  • >> you might want to get an official ruling on that because the Lego Life logo does include the word “Lego” on its studs. They may just be saying don’t build the red & yellow square Lego logo.

    Yeah I’d thought of this too. The word ‘Lego’ is very clearly visible on the logo that you’re supposed to be building and therefore is part of that…[Read more]

  • >> as everyone has their own idea of what maybe important.

    True. But one thing that’s always important – and is also especially important for people coming to the website for the first time – is when the next quarterly meeting is. Off the top of my head, every other LUG website I’ve ever been to has had ‘Next scheduled meeting’ information…[Read more]

  • >> I took out the window frames so more minifigs could be seen

    Good call.

    >> it took me an hour to place those controller levels the first time.

    That sounds miserable.

  • I am impressed also (the last time I was logged in for some reason the pics weren’t showing up). I am also curious as to how you did it without the lids. And as far as I can tell, the antennae are just lying there, which means all kinds of problems if you want to move it even five feet. I’m not sure what Lego plans to do with this logo,…[Read more]

  • I did this when Lego was doing the Chrome Red Minifig keychain promotion, I still have him somewhere. I remember pulling the metal pin out of the guy with pliers took all the physical strength I had and then some. Of course, not all of you are puny and weak like I am, but it wasn’t easy.

  • >> Is there any point from a resale perspective?

    I remember when I first opened my BrickLink store, and I saw it was an option, I couldn’t imagine it was worth the hassle of keeping the boxes, and storing them (I lived in a small apartment at the time), and I couldn’t imagine anybody would really want them and be willing to pay to ship them.…[Read more]

  • << I will probably put a white roof on mine if I get one. ❄️️

    If you do that you’re gonna need a frozen lake for the ice fishermen.

  • The conversion of the Fire Brigade into some kind of Apple store seems like an odd choice. Maybe they were inspired by T-Mobile’s terrible decision to ruin the old Beehive Theater in Oakland.

  • >> Do you suppose this involves using the app to make the logo? Are they hoping for something made out of LEGO products? Are they just looking for a new graphic design? Hmmm.

    Yeah it is a bit vague, and my first thought is that it looks a bit like a shameless promotion for an app that nobody knows about. But TBB posted about it, and it does…[Read more]

  • >> Also, lol at Greg, so great

    Yeah you beat me to it. But then who’s gonna pack all your North Pole stuff for you at the end of BrickFair?

    >> Platform is 60″ w x 55″ d, or (6) 10×10’s by 5 1/2 10×10’s. Basically sized to fit on my foosball table (which is what’s underneath) without jutting too far into the room.

    Aha, so we’re gonna need…[Read more]

  • Sweet! I’m looking forward to seeing that one in person, although it does not look like it was designed with easy transport in mind, or to even ever leave the house.

    If it does make it out though, what’s the width and depth of the display? The LUG has tables we built ourselves (I use the word ‘we’ generously cause my contribution was minimal)…[Read more]

  • Hi Bob. Greg will be glad that you’re in the group, cause he keeps score of how many people live north of Pittsburgh, plus it’ll mean that he’s no longer the oldest person in the group.

  • >> I once read about a microscale architecture builder – I don’t remember if it’s the same one you mention – who made up a little kit of architecture-specific universal parts to travel with. I believe it was in one of those toolbox compartment box thingies, was mostly one or two colors, and really focused on microscale-archtecture essenti…[Read more]

  • PS – Will’s comments also made me think of this: do people wash the stuff they redeem from LUGsupport? A lot of that stuff looks pretty new – and of course the stuff that was extras from LUGBulk2016 is definitely new – but some of it is visibly used, and at some point somebody told me that Hinkle said a lot of the pieces come from sets returned…[Read more]

  • Ha, that is a good answer. Even something like International Children’s Festival, or the Fayette County Fair, where we were using the LUG’s own Lego supply, we went through tons of hand sanitizer. For awhile I bought more every time I went to Walmart, just in case.

    I’ve never used the Block bags, I don’t have any and I don’t know where to get…[Read more]

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